Monday, 22 January 2018

Cycle stands, cycle racks and high quality cycle storage solutions.

Barricade is a steel fabrication and metalwork company based in Wigan, Lancashire that specialises in manufacturing and supplying high quality street furniture and access control solutions. All of our cycle stands and bike storage products are fabricated in-house.

One of the most common street furniture products is the cycle hoop, which can be found along most high streets. The cycle stand/hoop is a cycle storage solution used to secure bicycles with a bicycle lock. Cycle stands can also be used in conjunction with a cycle shelter to provide additional security and weatherproof storage.

The Sheffield cycle stand is one of the most common options and is available in either mild steel or stainless steel. A cycle stand is a simple, strong and durable hoop barrier that allows a bike to be secured to it via a bike lock. - Mild steel cycle stands - Stainless steel cycle stands

Stainless steel Sheffield cycle stand

Mild steel Harrogate cycle stand

Mild steel Sheffield cycle rack

Stainless steel Harrogate cycle stands

Sheffield cycle stands in stainless steel 

Mild steel Harrogate cycle hoop

Mild steel powder coated Scooter rack

Galvanised mild steel Sheffield cycle stand

Galvanised mild steel Sheffield cycle rack - Toast rack cycle storage

Stainless steel Sheffield cycle hoop barrier

Steel Sheffield cycle stand

Stainless steel cycle stand

Galvanised steel bike rack with Sheffield cycle stands

Galvanised steel cycle rack with Sheffield bike stands

Mild steel cycle rack with Sheffield bicycle stands

Mild steel cycle storage up & down cycle rack and storage

To view the full range of street furniture and traffic control products manufactured and supplied by Barricade, visit our website. Barricade is also able to fabricate fully bespoke steel products, contact us for further details.

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