Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Height Restriction Barriers - UK Manufacturers & Suppliers.

Height restrictrors are used to prevent unauthorised access by large vehicles. The height barrier will stop any lorry or van that exceeds a certain height from passing through.

Our height restriction barriers are available in two different types:

Fixed type (static barrier)

Pivoting type (lockable swinging version)

There are also a number of different types of height barriers, including:

Single arm pivoting barriers - for use on smaller entrances to allow temporary access.

Double leaf barriers - for use on wider roads and usually lockable in the centre.

The pivoting and fixed height barriers are available with either a single rectangular arm, a steel lattice framed top, or a swing gate type.

Our pivoting height barriers are lockable and can be supplied with the necessary catch posts.

We can manufacture height barriers in any size and specification. We have made some barriers that span 15 metres and others that span 2 metres. We can build a height barrier to suit any project. Call us on 0845 900 2131 to discuss any requirement you have.

Fixed height barrier finished in high visibility yellow with black bands.

Double arm 'Pivot' height restrictor

Static height restriction barrier on car park

Lockable swinging height barrier on car park entrance

Height restriction barrier finished in red with black bands

Static height barrier with single arm

Lockable pivoting height restriction barrier on car park entrance

Central locking height barrier finished in yellow & black

Lattice top fixed height barrier on car park

Large height restrictor on commercial entrance
Height barrier with swing gate top and nudge bar

Swing gate top height restrictor on car park barrier

Friday, 10 August 2018

Telescopic retractable security posts.

Telescopic security posts are used predominantly to secure vehicles on driveways. They can also be used to restrict unauthorised access to private roads, industrial estates and commercial properties.

The telescopic bollard comes supplied with a strong, steel socket that is concreted into the ground to house the bollard. Our telescopic bollards feature an anti-drill, integral lock and are supplied with a key.

All of our security posts are manufactured by us, in-house, using high quality British steel.

There are some flimsy and unreliable security bollards on the market but ours are made using only the best materials and will last for years when installed.

Heavy duty square telescopic bollards

You can view our wide range of Telescopic Security Posts & Retractable Bollards on our updated website.

Our range of retractable security posts

Heavy duty telescopic security posts

Residential driveway telescopic security posts

We manufacture and supply a wide range of round and square retractable security posts in a wide variety of sizes. We have bollards in mild steel, stainless steel and polyurethane varieties. We are confident that our prices and build quality cannot be beaten.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Column protectors, Steel lamppost protection barriers and corner guards.

Click the link below to view our range of column protection barriers and lamppost protectors on the Barricade website:

We manufacture and supply a wide range of column protection barriers and lamppost protectors. We have a standard range, shown below, but can also fabricate fully bespoke column guards to suit any project.

Our column protectors are available in mild steel and stainless steel. The mild steel barriers are galvanised as standard and can be finished in any colour.

The barriers are available in root fix versions for concreting in, and also base plate fix versions for bolting to the surface.

4-leg steel column protector, root fixed and powder coated in yellow.

Steel bumper column protection barrier, galvanised with base plates.

Twin hoop column guard, galvanised finish.

Twin hoop root fix column protector, galvanised.

3-leg column protection barrier with base plates, galvanised mild steel.

Stainless steel bumper column protector, root fixed.
To view our full range of products and services, visit our website Or you can give our friendly sales team a call on 0845 900 2131.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Bespoke steel memorial bench for Megan Biddle on behalf of Thame Town Council.

Barricade fabricated a bespoke steel memorial bench to celebrate the life of Oxfordshire teenager Megan Biddle, who tragically passed away in 2015. We were approached by Thame Town Council to manufacture the bench due to our ability to produce high-quality, fully bespoke steel products. The bench is in the design of a skateboard as Megan was a keen skateboarder.

The memorial bench features a selection of the items that were special to Megan, including music, trainers (sneakers?), beanie hats and a selection of stars. All of the items were to be incorporated into a large skateboard shaped bench and ultimately provide a place for family and friends to gather and remember the life of a remarkable young lady. The design was a collaboration between Megan's friends and family and local artist Michael Gibbs who brought all of their ideas together.

Steel memorial bench in memory of Megan Biddle, installed at Thame Southern Road Recreation Park.

Bespoke skateboard bench for Megan installed at Thame Southern Road Recreation Park.
Megan's bench was unveiled on Sunday 3rd June 2018 and will no doubt become a place of friendship, happiness and fun for years to come. It was a great honour to be asked to produce such a poignant memorial and we are delighted with the final outcome.

Celebrations at the unveiling of Megan's bench by Thame Town Council.
Celebrations at the unveiling of Megan's bench by Thame Town Council.
Shown below is a close up of the decorations on the memorial bench. Each one was fabricated in-house and hand painted by our talented team.

If you require a fully bespoke product then please feel free to give us a call on 0845 900 2131 and we can help turn your design into a beautiful finished product. You can find all of our contact details and a wide range of street furniture on our website

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Smoking & Vaping shelters for workplaces and public areas - Designed & fabricated by Barricade Ltd.

We supply a range of high quality smoking and vaping shelters suitable for any workplace, pub, club or public area. Our shelters are fabricated using high quality steel frames with durable 4mm PET roof and side panels. Our shelters are available in many designs and can be finished in any colour to suit the surrounding environment. We can also build shelters exactly to your design!

Melbourne smoking & vaping shelter fabricated by Barricade Ltd

Melbourne smoking & vaping shelter fabricated by Barricade Ltd

Melbourne smoking & vaping shelter fabricated by Barricade Ltd

Although smoking seems to be on the decline, more and more people are turning to electronic cigarettes to beat the cravings. Although they are thought to be far safer than traditional cigarettes, vaping can be an annoyance to some who do not wish to breathe in huge clouds of strange and exotic flavoured vapour. Therefore e-cigs are banned from most indoor areas, just as cigarettes are, and require them to be used in an outdoor area.

Perth vaping & smoking shelter with perch seat bar and ashtrays

Perth vaping & smoking shelter fabricated by Barricade Ltd

Perth vaping & smoking shelter fabricated by Barricade Ltd

Our smoking shelters provide a designated place for people who want to enjoy their cigarette or vape in a safe and enclosed area with shelter from the wind and rain (this is Britain after all!). Smoking shelters can be fitted with seating as well as ashtrays and litter bins, so that people taking a well earned break can enjoy their habit in a clean and comfortable area.

Perth smoking & vaping shelter

Perth smoking & vaping shelter

Perth smoking & vaping shelter
We can design and build a smoking shelter exactly to suit your needs. If you have a design in mind, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

For full pricing information and specification, please call us on 0845 900 2131, email us at: or visit our website:

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Bespoke log burners & chimineas fabricated in-house by Barricade Ltd.

Barricade has decades of experience with metalwork and steel fabrication allowing our fabricators to produce some incredible, one-off products.

Our range of bespoke log burners and chimineas are incredibly detailed, one of a kind items that are guaranteed to be a talking point at any garden party or barbecue.

Our fabricators can turn their hands to any bespoke steel project and produce completely unique commissions and sculptures.

All the log burners are fully functional and made using high quality steel.

If you are looking to purchase one of our range of log burners then please give us a call on 0845 9002131, or send us an email to for more information.

Sheriff log burner with gun belt exclusive to Barricade.

Cowboy with a six-shooter log burner exclusive to Barricade.
Close-up of cowboy log burner showing face details.
Close-up of Sheriff log burner showing face details.
Fire breathing dragon log burner exclusive to Barricade.

Dragon log burner close-up of head detailing.

Pirate log burner exclusive to Barricade.

Close-up of Tin Man log burner showing face details and folding hat.

Close-up of Tin Man log burner with open door.

Tin Man log burner exclusive to Barricade.
For pricing and availability details on any of our bespoke steel products, please give us a call on 0845 9002131, or send us an email to for more information.