Thursday, 21 March 2013

Barricade UK - Guardrail and Handrails in Mild & Stainless Steel

Barricade Ltd post and rail systems offer perimeter protection for road sides, sea fronts, stair wells and numerous other situations where access needs to be restricted.
Our handrails can offer huge safety benefits on steps, stairways or access ramps and offer a safe and aesthetically pleasing solution. 

Door protector/guardrail in mild steel, powder coated in blue.

Barricade also offer Tiber guard rails and knee rails from sustainable sources (more information on our website:

Stainless steel guardrail offer an attractive, safe and practical finish to sites. 

Barricade also supply pedestrian guardrails, handrails and railings. Pedestrian guardrails are perhaps the most common and popular means of access control, and can be seen alongside most roadsides.

Most public spaces are fitted with guard rails as a means of protection against accidental falls. Any abrupt change in elevation where the higher portion is accessible makes a fall possible. Due to this responsibility and liability, rails are placed to protect people using the premises. Guardrails are generally required by code where there is a drop of 30" or more.
Examples of this are both architectural and environmental. Environmental guard rails are placed along hiking trails where adjacent terrain is steep. Railings may also be located at scenic overlooks.
Guard rails in buildings are numerous, and are required by building codes in many circumstances. Guard rails along stairways are common, andcatwalks and balconies are also lined with them. The most common residential guard rail is usually a wood railing around the deck. This typically is built on-site from pressure treated lumber, featuring a simplistic design of vertical baluster spaced every 3.5" to comply with building code. Other guard rail construction options are available. Cable railings typically use stainless steel cables strung horizontally. Glass balusters and glass panels open the view while still providing safety, as at the Grand Canyon Skywalk. With the increasing popularity of composite lumber for decking, manufacturers, likeTimberTech are providing composite railing components. Another option is Mountain laurel handrail made with woven branches of the mountain laureltree. Wrought iron is another choice that is traditional and sturdy.
Building codes also require that no opening in a guard be of a size such that a 4" sphere may pass. There are three exceptions according to the 2003International Building Code Section 1012.3 which allow openings to not exceed 8" or 21" depending on occupancy groups or special areas.
An architect who was famous for creative use of handrails for social stability was Alvar Aalto[citation needed]. The guard rails of an observation tower such as the Space Needle or Eiffel Tower become exaggerated to the point of becoming a fence or cage. This is also done on bridges and overpasses to prevent accidents and suicides.