Friday, 8 March 2013

Barricade UK - Boot wipers / Boot scrapers / Boot brushes / Shoe wipers

Barricade Ltd design, manufacture and supply a range of boot wipers / Boot scrapers / Boot brushes, that ensure the removal of dirt from all kinds of footwear and sport shoes.
Our boot wipers / boot scrapers / boot brushes are an ideal placement next to playing fields, public footpaths, park grounds, golf courses, football pitches, cricket fields and a whole host of other situations.
We also provide replacement brushes for all of our boot wiper units.

Standard boot wiper/scraper

  Single boot wiper/scraper

Click here to see our standard Boot wiper, Boot scraper PDF information sheet.

Click here to see our single Boot wiper, Boot scraper information sheet.

For more information give us a call on: 0845 900 2131, or visit or website @