Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Barricade Shelters - Cycle Shelter, Buggy, Shelters, Dugout Shelters, Pram Shelters, Smoking Shelters, Waiting Shelters

Barricade Ltd design, manufacture and supply a wide range of shelters including: cycle shelters, buggy/pram shelters, smoking shelters, waiting shelters and sports dugout shelters. Cycle shelters are available with gates that can be locked, this adds extra security to the shelter and prevents the theft of the cycle. Lockable gates on shelters also act as a visual deterrent to would-be thieves.

Dugout shelter

The dugout shelter is a familiar site for sports fans and often have a nervous or agitated manager pacing around outside of them. The dugout shelter can be fitted with either benches or seats, depending on the requirement of the customer. Perspex roofing and sides act as a barrier to the weather.

Cycle shelter with Sheffield cycle stands and gates

The cycle shelter here is shown with lockable gates and internal Sheffield cycle stands. Once again, the shelter is fitted with perspex roofing and sides. The gates provide an added element of security and can be secured with a heavy duty padlock.
Cycle shelter with cycle stands attached at back

This cycle shelter has the cycle stands fixed across the back of the actual shelter itself. This is entirely down to the customers preference. Lockable gates can be added to all of our cycle shelters to provide added security.

Waiting shelter

A waiting shelter, or a smoking shelter, is a basic shelter, usually with a roof and sometimes with side panels, that is used to take shelter from the elements. It can be fitted with integral benches if the customer wishes.

Hobbit shelter with cycle stands

The Hobbit shelter is exclusive to Barricade Ltd and adds an element of fun into the basic cycle shelter unit. It is an ideal fixture in school or nurseries, and is an aesthetically pleasing, interesting and practical way of storing cycles and scooters. 

Buggy/Pram shelter 1

Buggy/Pram shelter 2

The pram (or buggy / pushchair) shelter is a useful fixture outside of schools and nurseries, clinics and supermarkets -- basically, wherever the means of securley storing a pushchair is required. The pram shelter can also be fitted with lockable gates for added security. Perspex panels on the side and roof also provide shelter from the weather.

As Barricade manufacture all of our products in-house, we are able to fabricate exactly to customer specification and offer bespoke shelters to suit any environment.

For more information on the range of shelters that we provide, or to find out pricing information, please visit our website: or call us on: 0845 900 2131.