Thursday, 21 February 2013

Barricade Fabrications UK manufacture and supply street furniture, bollards, shelters, barriers and bespoke steel and stainless steel products.

Barricade Ltd fabricate and supply a wide range of high quality, competitively priced, steel and stainless steel street furniture products ranging from: mild steel security bollards; stainless steel bollards, telescopic bollards, timber bollards, recycled bollards, polyurethane bollards, attractive shelters, including: cycle shelters, waiting shelters and dugout shelters / team sports shelters, cycle stands, boot wipers, handrail and guardrail and barrier systems.

Because Barricade Ltd fabricate the majority of our steel and stainless steel products in-house, we are able to offer low prices and design flexibility. We can usually fabricate to our customers exact specifications and always make sure that our products have the highest quality finish.

As a company Barricade Fabrications will always strive to offer leading design innovation and great value, quality products to our customers,
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All our street furniture products are manufactured to suit all of our client's specifications and are available in a variety of high quality materials including: mild steel and stainless steel, recycled plastic, cast polymer / polyurethane, hardwood or softwood timber and cast iron.
The full specifications of our products, including: materials, textures, sizes and coloured finishes, are all specially tailored to complement the surrounding environment.

Cycle Stands:

All our cycle stands offer practical, high level security as the bike is attached via the frame, holding two bikes per stand.

Cycle Shelters:

Barricade's range of cycle shelters are built to last. Strong, robust and designed to compliment all building designs and backdrops.
All cycle shelters can be extended to adopt any number of cycles. Each shelter will be supplied with full installation instructions.

Timber Bollards:

Hardwood and softwood timber bollards in various shapes, sizes and designs. Timber bollards are available treated and sourced from certified forests.

Stainless Steel Bollards:

Counter, fridge and edge protection.

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